Rates and Dates 2024


Our Rates are all-inclusive except for the HST.

Full Season

Thursday, June 27

To Wednesday, August 14


Early Bird Rate

Register by October 15


First Period

Thursday, June 27

To Wednesday, July 24


Early Bird Rate

Register by October 15


Second Period

Wednesday, July 24

To Wednesday, August 14


Early Bird Rate

Register by October 15


Jr. Rates (Gr. 1-4)

Full Season

New Campers ONLY

SAVE $750

1st Period

New Campers ONLY

SAVE $500

Short Stay 1*

Thursday, June 27

To Wednesday, July 10


Short Stay 2*

Wednesday, July 24

To Tuesday, August 6



Thursday, June 27

To Tuesday, August 6


Weekend Trial*

Friday, July 5

To Sunday, July 7










Alumni Camp



From $175


Registration Details


For campers who have completed grade SK - Grade 2 before camp. Return transportation included


Restricted to campers who have completed grades 1-4 before camp; Transportation to camp provided - Parent pick-up required; Parent drop-off required for Short Stay 3.


Extensions to the initial session length can be made, space permitted, at the flat rates listed below. PLEASE NOTE: Early Bird and Alumni discounts apply to the initial registration only. Fees are subject to HST:

  • Extend Short Stay 1 to First Period (grades 1-4) = $4600
  • Extend First Period to Full Season = $4100
  • Extend First Period to 6 Weeks = $3650
  • Extend 6 Week to Full Season = $1600
  • Extend Short Stay 2 to Full Season = $2000


To register for any session, you must first create an electronic CAMP ACCOUNT on our "Registration Portal". To do this, go to the PORTAL; You will be prompted to enter an email address and create a password to create your own account. Make a note or BOOKMARK of this link for future access to the PORTAL!

If you have already created an account (previous registrants), you will be prompted to use the email and password that you originally used to create your account. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by following the link and instructions provided!

From the“Registration Portal” you have the ability to:

  1. Register for the session you desire
  2. Check your account balance or edit preferences (e.g. email, phone numbers etc.)
  3. Print a tax receipt for your account
  4. Complete the Camp Medical Form when available

  • Sibling Discount: Discounts are provided in order of registration length where the longest stay is the 1st child and the shortest is the last sibling; in all cases, discounts are based on the early-bird rates and are 5% for the 2nd child and 10% off 3rd and 4th child.
  • New Moon Alumni Discount: Parents who were past New Moon campers AND staff receive a 5% discount on the early-bird rate.
  • Discounts apply to initial registration; Fees for extending to longer stays are no discounted. For applicable discounts, the single greatest discount applies.

  • Camp T-shirt
  • Weekly laundry
  • Tuck and sundry items
  • Digital cabin photo
  • Return Bus and Baggage Transportation for 1st Period, Full Season, 2nd Period Registrations
  • One Way (To Camp) Bus and Baggage Transportation for Short Stay 1,2, and 6-Week Sessions

  • $100 CIT Excursion Fees and Tuck Allowance
  • Advanced Swim Award Fees (from Lifesaving Society)
  • Medical prescriptions as required
  • Customized Return Airport Pickup and Transport for Out of Country/Province Campers: $400 per camper
  • Bedding Rental for Out of Country Campers (if desired): $65


  1. Please read the CONDITIONS OF CAMPER REGISTRATION below before beginning the Registration process. You may access a printable version for your reference
  2. Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of $1,000 DEPOSIT for each camper
  3. Deposits can be paid by cheque (payable to CAMP NEW MOON) or electronic payment using INTERAC (use email: info@campnewmoon.ca). Call for instructions for electronic payment if you need help – it's easy!
  4. To qualify for any early-bird discounts, the deposit for each camper must be received by the stated early-bird deadline, and all discounts are forfeited if balance of fees is not paid by May 1
  5. For Weekend Trial registrants, payment in full is required at the time of registration
  6. Harmonized Sales Tax (13%) is added to all fees


  1. Balance of fees due May 1.
  2. Any discounts are applicable only for initial registration choice; extensions made after that time are not eligible for any further discounting, and accounts must be in good standing or discounts are waived.
  3. Fees listed are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes. Interest (2% per month) is charged on unpaid balances.
  4. Registrations/applications will be confirmed upon receipt of the required deposit only (by mail or electronic receipt of funds); this also applies to early-bird registrations fees.
  5. Cancellations: A refund of the deposit less a cancellation fee of $500.00 will be provided if cancellation is made prior to December 31; The full deposit is forfeited after that point for existing and registrations made after this time.
  6. Balance of fees is due May 1. Late payment of balance of fees owed will nullify any discount applied at the time of registration.
  7. Early Departures or Late Arrivals: No adjustment of fees can be made for late arrivals or early departures from camp.
  8. Reduction in the registered session length prior to the summer is subject to an administrative fee of $500.00 and will require re-registration at the posted rates (early bird rate will no longer apply).
  9. Camper Conduct: The Directors reserve the right to terminate the stay of campers if deemed in the best interests of the Camp or camper. Campers will face expulsion without refund if policies and/or laws of Ontario are broken (including smoking, involvement of any kind with illegal drugs or alcohol), or if behaviour (including but not limited to any form of harassment, bullying, theft, destruction of property, etc.) is considered harmful to the camp or other individuals.
  10. Photos, video or auditory recordings of my child obtained during their time at camp for program purposes may be used for promotional material used in a reasonable manner in print, audio or electronic form, or may be used by media organizations.
  11. I agree to allow my child to participate in all activities at camp or at other locations during supervised trips (canoe trips, hikes, day-trips).
  12. Camp New Moon is not responsible for lost/damaged personal property of campers or confiscated, prohibited items as stated in our literature printed or posted on the worldwide web.
  13. Reasonable precautionary measures are taken to ensure the safety and health of campers. However, in the event of accident or extended sickness contracted before or during the summer, Camp New Moon assumes no liability.
  14. Accident and sickness (medical and dental) insurance for out-of-country or province campers must be purchased in advance of the summer and this information must be shared with Camp New Moon prior to camper arrival
  15. MEDICAL: Parent/Campers must follow all pre-camp medical screening and/or related health measures if deemed necessary by local public health authorities; Parents must upload each child’s Immunization record and are strongly advised to have each child coming to camp fully immunized and have a medical examination within 6 months (preferably sooner) of camp. Campers will not be allowed to arrive to camp without camp having received a signed medical form (by the parent/guardian) that provides complete disclosure including all current medications. We cannot make exceptions to our Terms of Registration for pre-existing medical conditions; We reserve the right to amend our medical/screening requirements according to current community health conditions.
  16. Costs for medical treatment required beyond the scope of the camp’s medical centre, including prescription medicine, dental, hospital costs and other needs must be borne by the parents or by coverage provided in the optional medical insurance plan. If a medical emergency requires immediate surgery or treatment, I hereby grant permission to the physician selected by the camp to provide such care that includes and is not limited to necessary injections, anaesthesia, surgery or medical procedures. Camp New Moon will not accept responsibility for medications unless contained in original, labeled packaging.
  17. Your child’s attendance at Camp New Moon and the relationship between you and Camp New Moon, its directors, officers, employees, medical staff and agents shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and in all regards, you shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario.