Bus + Baggage

Full Season, 6 Week, July and Short-Stay 1 Campers
Baggage Depot Location/ Day and Time:

(Toronto area families only; out of towners: bring baggage to buses)

  • What Day: On the Tuesday, JUNE 25th, just before the start of camp
  • What Time: Available any time between 4:15 pm and 8:15 pm.
To Camp:
  • Buses depart Thurs. June 27 – Please arrive by 8:30 am 
  • Departure Location: COLOSSUS CINEPLEX MOVIE THEATRE (address is Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan, 3555 Hwy 7 W, Vaughan; See MAP BELOW)
  • Camper Drop-off at camp: arrive by 10:30 am
Return from Camp:
  • Short Stay Camper Pick Up at Camp (July 10): Arrive by 12:00 pm !
  • 1st Period Camper Pick Up at Camp (Wednesday, July 24): Arrive by 9:30!
  • 1st Period Campers on Bus: Pick Up Location is Colossus Cineplex Movie Theatre (as above) on Wednesday, July 24 (bus arrives 11:30 pm)
  • 6 week Campers: Tuesday, August 6 – ***Parent Pick-up at camp by 11:00 am***.
  • Full Season Campers: Wednesday, August 14 (bus arrives 11:45 am)
  • Arrival Location: COLOSSUS CINEPLEX MOVIE THEATRE (Same area as departure) 
2nd Period and Short-Stay 2 Campers
Buses to Camp
  • Wednesday, July 24th (Arrive 1:15 pm for 1:30 departure)
  • bring Baggage to Buses
  • Departure Location: COLOSSUS CINEPLEX MOVIE THEATRE (Address above, See Map, below) 
Returning from Camp 2nd Period and Full Season Campers:
  • CAMPERS COME HOME WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, (Arrival @ 11:30 am)
  • Arrival Location: COLOSSUS CINEPLEX MOVIE THEATRE (see above)
  • Please stay clear of our orange cone markers to ensure a safe unloading area:
  • Baggage: Staff will be unloading baggage near buses in alphabetical order – please be patient!

Weekend Trial
Buses to Camp: (bring Baggage to Buses):
  • Friday, July 5 (from TBD Arrive 9:15 am for 9:30 departure)
Returning from Camp
  • Sunday, July 7 (6:15 pm bus arrival at TBD)
General Bus Arrival/Departure Information
  • Bus departure/arrival location: TBD.
  • Bring any camper medications, instructions or special items to the Director’s car prior to bus departure
  • No peanut products are allowed on the bus
  • Campers returning to Toronto by bus will have their baggage on the bus or on a baggage truck; it will be unloaded alphabetically
  • Please keep cars behind the cones and please check that you have all items with you before departing the parking lot!
  • If you are changing travel plans for your child, please confirm with us in advance
Out of Town Campers
  • Depending on your travel plans, we will confirm arrival/departure plans and transportation arrangements; Please consult us in advance to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made Bring baggage to the camper buses on departure dayfrom our end
  • Bring baggage to the camper buses on departure day
  • Consider our ‘bed-in-a-bag’ rental service to limit excessive baggage costs. Contact us for more information
  • Ensure your child travels with a valid passport; check dates!
  • Please check with your local travel agent AND carrier about unaccompanied minor/escort services and/or requirements; these services must be arranged/booked and paid for in both directions!

Maps to Buses and Baggage Depot

Print-Friendly Bus and Baggage Info
Baggage Depot

Look for the tall parking lot area markers and find our baggage truck parked at the lot area We will indicate the area in our ‘FINAL INSTRUCTIONS’ sent early June

Bus Departure / Arrival

The Interchange (formerly AMC) is located on the SE corner of HWY 400 and HWY 7 Enter the parking lot via HWY or Interchange Way.

Please stay clear of areas blocked by orange cones to ensure a safe bus area!