COVID-19 Operational and Safety Guide

Your Child’s Health and Safety

Our camp doctors and nursing staff provide exceptional medical support to our campers and staff. Our doctors are not just doctors – they’re camp doctors – so they understand the needs of campers within a camp environment. Our staff ensure campers use mosquito repellent and sunscreen when required, they respond quickly to health concerns and work closely with our medical staff. If your child needs medication or other medical attention beyond a minor level of support, we’ll call you, and if necessary, our camp doctor will speak with you or your child’s physician. Should we need support beyond what is available at camp, excellent hospitals are 20 minutes away. Our approach is to maintain the best possible communication with you, so you can feel confident about your child’s welfare. Safety is always a priority. First Aid kits are available throughout camp, with advanced kits sent on canoe trips along with satellite phones. Our Health Centre is located in the centre of camp, with an intercom system connecting to the office, the doctor’s cabin and the director’s cabin. Put in perspective, where else is your child within seconds of seeking round-the-clock medical attention from a resident nurse or doctor?

Medical Form

The health and safety of your child is our greatest concern. To enable us and our medical staff to provide the best possible care, we ask that when you complete the medical form, you to provide complete disclosure about all any medical, dietary and behavioural issues. Providing us with supplemental information (by letter, email and/or verbal communication) can be extremely helpful.  All information is relayed in a sensitive and careful manner to the counsellors and their supervisor, so that appropriate strategies are in place to ensure the best possible care for your child.

The receipt of this information in a timely manner is important so that we may communicate these issues to our medical and program staff well before the arrival of the campers.

Completing the On-line Medical Form

The ELECTRONIC medical form will be available to you on May 1 and must be completed by June 15. It is found by logging into YOUR personal registration portal; it does not have to be signed by your family physician. Please note: Once the form is 'submitted' it cannot be edited. Therefore any changes after this point must be communicated to us by phone or email.

We encourage you to have your child examined by your doctor if they experience changes in their health before the summer. Please ensure they are in good health before coming to camp and their vaccinations are up to date.

We are happy to help with any questions you may have.


Our medical staff record when any medications are dispensed as needed, and prefer to keep all medications in the Health Center. Certain exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, and we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have. To ensure your camper has the medications needed at camp:

  • All medicine should be contained in a labelled bag, along with instructions, and placed in the 'medical bin' at the bus-departure location. If you are driving your child to camp, please drop at the office when you arrive at camp
  • Any medicine for a child must be in their original packaging or medicine bottles. No exceptions!
  • Any details in the form of a note can be extremely helpful