Accessibility Policy

Our Plan

Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), people with disabilities should have similar opportunities as all others in Ontario. According to the Act, Camp New Moon must have a policy that addresses Disruption of Service, a general Plan, a mechanism for Feedback, and appropriate Staff Training. Camp New Moon is committed to providing people with disabilities the same level of care and dignity as other guests, and as is reasonably possible, will provide the same opportunity to access our services.

We are committed to provide accessibility to all. However, the physical terrain of our site, certain programs and activities may limit accessibility to certain individuals with disabilities in a safe manner. Please contact us to learn the nature and extent of these activity areas and programs.  We remain committed to assisting those in need, to the best of our ability and within the confines and limitations that our physical grounds allow. Those who are assisted by a support individual or service animal will be accommodated in a generous manner.

Disruptions of Service:

Camp New Moon is committed to informing those with disabilities if there is a disruption in any part of our facility that affects accessibility. Before visiting our site you may want to visit this webpage to find out if there are any disruptions of service and any possible alternative options. Should this happen while the individual is on site, the extent and expected duration of the disruption will be communicated immediately, and appropriate efforts to mitigate the disruption will be taken.


Camp New Moon welcomes your feedback regarding our policy and how we provide services to both our clients and staff with disabilities.  This can be done by email, telephone or in person. We will respond in a timely fashion. Should our policy be deficient such that those with disabilities are not treated appropriately, we will make modifications to our Accessibility Policy or other policies if required.

Staff Training:

All of our staff and members of staff that are acting on behalf of outside groups (e.g. rental group staff) will be trained to properly assist and support individuals with disabilities. Our Staff Training Curriculum is informed by the current Province of Ontario standards as set out by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. This includes appropriate communication to those with disabilities, proper use of assistive devices, support and interaction of support persons or animals, assisting individuals with disabilities when needed, and other matters that are required in their care and comfort.