Apply for Employment

Welcome staff applicants!

We welcome new staff at New Moon. We are looking for people who love to work with children, enjoy the outdoors, and are highly responsible. Whether it be for counselling, specialty staff or a head-staff position, we are very interested in considering your application.  A limited number of spaces are also available for extended contracts during the pre- or post-camp period.

Please complete the electronic staff application form following the instructions below. We have minimum standards for staff, and some are summarized below.

  • all waterfront and canoe tripping staff must have a minimum of a Bronze Cross, CPR and First Aid certifications (Trippers must have Wilderness Emergency First Aid training)
  • all swim instructors must have a minimum of Red Cross Instructors and NLS, in addition to the above listed certifications
  • all staff must have Basic First Aid
  • the minimum age for staff is 17 (or turning 17 by the end of the camp season’s calendar year); senior counsellors must be turning 19
  • certain positions in camp (including, but not limited to, water ski and ropes staff must take approved certification/safety training courses relevant to their are

Completing a Staff Application Form

The first step is to complete the electronic staff application form using the link below. If this is the first time you have completed the electronic staff application, you will have to create a new account (just follow the instructions!); keep your password in a safe place!

Once we receive your staff application, we’ll be back in touch to schedule an interview (in person if possible, otherwise by phone or Skype).