Planning Your Event

Running a successful event requires considerable planning and attention to detail. We’re here to help! Depending on the needs of your group, we can involve ourselves accordingly. Some groups are complete self-sufficient and simply require our facility and support staff. Others require us to provide the program or instructional staff. Because each group is different, we can customize our service to meet your needs.

Here are some things to consider in your planning:

  • we can provide a range of food service, from typical (but very good!) camp food, to high-end options such as beef tenderloin, poached salmon, etc. Your price will vary accordingly
  • many of our activities require specialized staff for safety reasons. Depending on your group, some activities may be more suitable than others.
  • for school groups, teachers play an important role in the supervision of campers and often contribute significantly to the program during the day. Please consider how you want to provide supervision to campers (students) and we’ll work with you to ensure a safe environment
  • for weddings and other similar events, a full-service party rental company is close to camp and provide everything you will need to ‘fancy the dining room’ up or add special services. This includes table linens and china, glassware, etc.
  • medical/nursing support is generally not provided by the camp, however two excellent hospitals are within 20 minutes. We do provide emergency procedures and of course, assistance in every way possible.


For further information regarding availability and costs, please contact us directly.


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