Rental Groups

Camp New Moon is an excellent venue for groups as large as 450 individuals, and is available from late May – end of June, and late August – late September.   Our clients include those from private, corporate and educational settings.  Numerous groups have been hosting their events at New Moon for years, including public and private schools, university groups, churches, synagogues, sports camps and teams.  Take a FACILITY TOUR!

Outdoor Education Program:

School and University Groups

Our Outdoor Education Program (OEP) can provide school groups with a full set of outdoor activities that are tailored to your needs. We can also build a program that is appropriate for your group based upon our long-standing experience in providing students with rewarding, educational and fun programming. Our OEP staff have extensive experience in fostering a spirit of cooperation and team-building, while instilling outdoor skills and an appreciation of the environment. Our rates vary based upon the activities required and the extent to which we are involved in the planning of your program. Certain schools and teachers are heavily involved in both planning and instruction, while others prefer to have our staff deliver the entire program. We offer our OEP in late May and most of June, and September to early October. For further information regarding availability and costs, please contact us directly.

Corporate Retreats

New Moon is a perfect facility for a corporate retreat that can include meetings, relaxation and facilitated activities of your choosing. Your event can be run completely independently withour facility at your disposal, or we can assist in programming led by our staff, that engages your staff in various games and activities that facilitate interaction and fun.

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We have hosted many weddings at New Moon! Arrangements are typically made on a case-by-case basis. Our dining room and dock facilities allow for a perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony overlooking the lake.

A large deck leading from our beautiful dining room is an ideal setting for a reception. Weddings have become increasingly popular as an affordable, ‘fun with elegance’ way to celebrate this special event.

Our facility transforms into a perfect venue and your reception dinner and a weekend of fun. Meals can be customized to match both your taste and budget, ranging from our best family-style meals to elegant and delicious buffet-service. Tailored to suit your taste, weddings at New Moon are unique and compared to typical venues, offer guests far more value than the ‘typical’ wedding.

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