Junior Camp Program

Campers aged 7-10 years of age thrive at New Moon thanks to our smaller size, increased staff-camper ratio and fabulous programming. Our ‘Junies’ receive additional supervision and care. Many ‘Junies’ register for a full month or longer, but there is opportunity to take part in shorter programs with the option to extend their stay. These programs offer parents and campers the chance to experience camp for a one-day ‘Mini Camp’, a weekend excursion or an extended stay. Our counselling staff is hand-picked for this age group based on their desire to work with young children, creativity, patience and ability. Prior to your child arriving at camp the directors personally review any key issues or concerns you may have with the cabin counsellors. Your child’s counsellor will be in touch with you after a few days at camp to give you first-hand feedback as to how your child is adjusting to camp life. We believe that our smaller size allows for your child to get the attention they deserve.

 1-Day New Moon ‘Mini’ Camp: Saturday, July 15 ($100)

This is a marvelous day packed full of the best camp can offer, without the complications of an overnight stay. Campers will begin with a programmed bus ride from Toronto and them embark on a full day of programming, great food, after dinner campfire and trip home! Our staff will provide the best of care during this perfect slice of camp, a perfect taste of whats to come when they make the leap to overnight camp! Transportation, all activities and meals, plus a goodie bag including a New Moon T-shirt is included!

Weekend Trial: Friday, July 28 – Sunday, July 30($295)

This option allows campers to get a ‘feel’ for being away from home. They’ll share a cabin with fellow campers and take part in lots of activities and special programmes that are unique to overnight camp. We’ll keep you web-connected during the weekend and your child will love this preview of what camp will be like in the future. A great way to start a camp career! This weekend trial includes all activities and meals, plus a goodie bag including a New Moon T-shirt is included

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Short-Stays of 10-14 days:

These sessions last up to 2 weeks in length and offer a true overnight experience. There is time to try every activity, and the option to extend the stay even longer (more than 90% chose to stay!). See the rest of our website for all of the great details

Full Sessions (4-7 weeks):

‘Junie’ campers LOVE camp – the longer the stay, the MORE they adjust to camp life! For many parents, the thought of sending their ‘little ones’ to camp for an extended period is daunting! Guess what? They do amazingly well and there’s a few simple reasons. First, young children are far more independent than we often give them credit for and thrive when given more. Secondly, adjustment to camp can take a little time, and in many cases, just when the hit their stride, a 10-day or 2-week session is over! There are many other reasons, and we’re here to help you in deciding what’s best for your child. In some cases, a short-stay program is the best fit, but in our experience, the longer their stay, the better the experience!