Summer camp can be an invaluable part of a child’s development. It can have a profoundly positive and lasting influence on shaping values, self-esteem and many attributes that provide lifelong value. There is simply no other experience as enriching and rewarding, where a child can experience the lessons gained from group living, skill development and involvement in an endless parade of creative events. At New Moon, we use an approach in programming that balances group and individual activity, striking a balance that meets the needs of every camper. Activities are designed to develop and enhance ‘hard skills’ and help to build confidence and self-esteem.  Sports and games are valuable ‘social agents of change’, enabling children better skills with communication, patience, sharing and much more. These ‘soft’ skills’ are the most valued since they will have tangible meaning to that child as the mature and become leaders in their own right. Individual choice is also important at camp, allowing campers to find their niche and focus on things they love. Throughout this wonderful experience, our greatest hope is that children grow and have lots of fun in the process!

New Moon is ‘cabin focussed’, as we believe the cabin group is the key to the sense of belonging and fun that all campers strive to achieve. As a result, our daily program is scheduled by cabin groups. With a core rotation of activities adjusted on a weekly basis, campers get a taste of all activity areas. A ‘choice period’ held each day allows campers to sign up for a wide range of activities that change daily, providing them with some independence and a sense of ownership in their schedules. Cabin-initiated programs developed by the counselling and program staff, along with daily specialty clinics targeted to specific age-groups and skill levels, round out the schedule. Sports leagues, clubs and cabin projects are on-going throughout the summer.

We strive to have campers busy and active, not idle. Our smaller size and extensive facilities allow for more activity and program opportunity, in addition to individual attention. We are also very committed to creative programming; from cabin to camp-wide events, we have a spirited and creative atmosphere, with literally hundreds of special programs happening each summer.

Aside from the pride we take in our rich and diverse program, we are equally proud of the care and time we devote in tending to the needs of each individual camper. Everyone feels connected, included and has a strong sense of belonging. As its been said for decades, at New Moon, everyone knows everyone, and the warm, friendly atmosphere gives each camper a sense of comfort and identity. It’s home.